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The Martell XO Extra Old Cognac is a delightful offering from Martell, the oldest of the large Cognac houses. A prestigious blend of Grande Champagne and Borderies eaux-de-vie, this cognac has a bold and charismatic personality, which is reflected in the striking arch of its bottle. Aged on average between 15 and 35 years, this Extra Old Cognac has turned the heads of cognac lovers thanks to its unmistakable half-crescent decanter that wouldn’t be out of place displayed within the finest of drink collections.

The excellence of this Cognac has been well noted by experts within the industry; having recently been awarded a Gold Medal at the 2017 Cognac Masters. It is the definition of a true blending masterpiece; first, the aromas tease your senses, then thrill the palate with its delicious texture and rich depth yet manage to remain elegant throughout.

Category: Cognac

Country of origin: France

Alcohol percentage: 40%

Tasting notes: Intense notes of fig, red fruit and blackcurrant bud with a long and robust finish.


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