Sainte Croix VSOP 70cl


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Sainte Croix VSOP: Immense patience and years of ageing have allowed us to create a range of exceptional Eaux-de-vie which are now at the peak of their development. The sophisticated elegance “À la Française” of the carafe begins telling the story of this nectar. The tasting notes are a balance of intense wooden flavours, blended together with complex and full-bodied aromas. This “taste festival” is sublimated by the “Rancio Charentais” typical of a very long ageing process.

 Sainte Croix VSOP Product Information

  •  Taste

Smooth and silky, yellow fruits and citrus. Superbly rounded with great aromatic intensity.

  • Bouquet

Remarkably subtle on the palate, with prominent notes of peach and apricot. Powerful yet elegant, with a light resin aroma and a finish dominated by sweet honey notes.

  •  Colour

Amber robe with flashes of gold.

A well-matured VSOP from our exclusive Cognac collection that boasts a remarkable smoothness and deep aromas that engages you best when enjoyed “neat” or “on the rocks”. Sipping slowly releases the full bouquet for your pleasure.


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