Dublin City Gin 70cl

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With craft distilling, each batch starts with prepping the spirit base, using a base distilled from Irish milk “Whey”. The gin’s botanical ingredients are deliberately modest in number, sustainable, and wild picked where possible. The Rhubarb is grown in two locations, the beautiful fields of North Dublin and a humble allotment along the Grand Canal in the city itself.

The recipe is a cherished combination of nine ingredients including the milk spirit and Irish water. After much exploration the botanicals now only number seven, forming the core of the recipe. The citrus is sweet grapefruit adding a lovely zesty combination with the local grown Rhubarb.

Aromatic Coriander is a must, with Orris root and Angelica working their magic. On the finish you’ll note a warm spicy appeal, which is courtesy of green Cardamoms.

It all makes for an innovative gin, handcrafted as a premium versatile spirit as a sipping gin, timeless G&T, or classic cocktail. It features an elegant nose, smooth body, and finish that is simply delish.


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