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Jameson Black Barrel is a premium triple-distilled, twice-charred Irish whiskey that is highly regarded by whiskey enthusiasts around the world. It’s a blend of small-batch grain whiskey and a high proportion of single-pot still whiskey that has been matured in charred American oak barrels for up to 16 years. Black Barrel contains a high proportion of first-fill bourbon and sherry casks, giving it a significantly richer flavour than regular Jameson, with a distinct sherried aroma.

The whiskey has a deep amber hue, revealing its warm indulgent character.

One of the things that sets  Jameson Black Barrel apart from other Irish whiskeys is its smoothness. Despite being a high-proof whiskey (40% ABV), it has a velvety texture that makes it easy to drink straight or in cocktails.

If you’re a fan of Irish whiskey, John Jameson Black Barrel is worth trying. Its complex flavours of fruit notes, nutty spice toasted wood and smooth finish make it a great sipping whiskey, but it also works well in classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. Plus, the sleek black bottle looks pretty cool on your bar cart!

Category: Irish whiskey

Country Of Origin: Ireland

ABV: 40%

Tasting Notes:  Rich, complex flavors of fruit, caramel, toasted wood, and warm spice with a smooth and long finish


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