Olmeca Tequila Blanco 75cl


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Olemca Tequila Blanco is a Mexican national drink with a lot of tradition. It is extra distilled from Mexican blue agave using traditional copper pot stills, producing a fresh, high-quality, citrus tequila with a smooth finish

Due to the double distillation in copper kettles, the Olmeca Tequila Blanco has a full-bodied taste without any foreign flavourings. Thanks to the direct bottling of the schnapps, the delicious tequila is characterized by its fresh and fruity taste of the valuable agave and surprises the senses with a woody note, a hint of apple juice taste, a sweet note of honey and citrus aromas.

Incidentally, the scent is also seductive: soft and woody, with a touch of vanilla, dried fruit, chocolate and honey.

With a glass of Olmeca, you are not only drinking a spirited tequila but also a piece of nature and history.  A drink that combines the taste of blue agave, the red and fertile soil of the Mexican highlands of Jalisco, the sunny weather and knowledge of the Mexican natives in one drink.

To produce pure enjoyment, the agaves are harvested by hand and processed with the utmost care. The Olmeca Tequila Blanco is perfect for entertaining friends and family, stocking your home bar, or always having a bottle on hand for any occasion.

Category: Tequila
Country Of Origin: Mexico
ABV: 40%
Tasting Notes: Woody note, a hint of apple juice taste, a sweet note of honey and citrus aromas with a soft critic finish.



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