Alcoholic Beverages. Wines and Spirit In Lagos.

The Nigerian alcoholic beverage industry is a very wide one. However many do not know how much of a large market it is. Let’s start by explaining alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic beverage

Any fermented liquor, such as winebeer, or distilled spirit, that contains ethyl alcohol, or ethanol (CH3CH2OH), as an intoxicating agent is an alcoholic beverage. A brief treatment of alcoholic beverages follows. For full treatment, see alcohol consumption.

Alcoholic beverages are fermented from the sugars in fruits, berries, grains. Other ingredients such as plant saps, tubers, and milk are distilled to a liquid of much greater alcoholic strength.

Beer is the best-known member of the malt family of alcoholic beverages, which also includes ale, stout, porter, and malt liquor. It is made from malt, corn, rice, and hops. Beers range in alcoholic content from about 2 percent to about 8 percent.

Wine is made by fermenting the juices of grapes or other fruits such as apples (cider), cherries, berries, or plums. Winemaking begins with the harvest of the fruit, the juice of which is fermented in large vats under rigorous temperature control. When fermentation is complete, the mixture is filtered, aged, and bottled.

Natural or unfortified, grape wines generally contain from 8 to 14 percent alcohol; these include wines such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chianti, and Sauterne. Fortified wines, to which alcohol or brandy has been added, contain 18 to 21 percent alcohol; such wines include sherry, port, and muscatel.

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Alcohol Industry in Nigeria

The Nigerian alcoholic beverage industry is a very wide one. However many do not know how much of a large market it is. From the Wine industry to the Spirit market in Nigeria, it is evident that alcohol is largely consumed in the country. Local Alcoholic Drinks in Nigeria are also not left out as they play a large role in the industry as a whole.
A large percentage of this alcohol is taken and produced in the city of Lagos. Some of the most expensive alcoholic beverages in Nigeria are found in the city of Lagos. Also, wine companies and Spirit companies in Nigeria are mainly located in the city of Lagos.

Drinks in Lagos, especially alcoholic drinks are a part of the fabric of the state and they sometimes represent a status symbol. Hence expensive drinks in Lagos are not hard to find. From Hennessy to Jameson, Nederburg, Bisquit, Oude Meester, Chandor, Amarula, Plaisir De Merle and a whole lot of Wines and Spirits available in Nigeria. Now online stores in Lagos like Barrels.Ng helps people to buy drinks online in Lagos as well as provides wholesale drinks in Lagos at affordable prices. Barrels.Ng stands as a wine store in Lagos as well as an online alcohol store in Lagos. Barrels.Ng also stands as an online alcohol distributor in Lagos.


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