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Moët Brut Mini-bottle is a vibrant champagne that comes in a smaller quantity of 20cl.  Distinguished by its fruitiness, enticing bouquet and elegant maturity, Moët Imperial is created in the heart of Champagne from more than 100 wines (of which 20-30% are reserved) carefully selected to enhance the champagne’s complexity and constancy.

It is also widely known for its seductive palate and revealing pear, citrus and brioche aromas.  This Moët Brut Mini bottle is extremely perfect for gift baskets at weddings, as a stand-in bottle for cakes etc. Buy a bottle from and have it delivered to your doorsteps in minutes.

Category: Champagne

Country of Origin: France

ABV: 12%

Tasting Notes: Toasted hazelnut and smoke notes with a fine and creamy mouthwatering finish

Consumption tips:  Best enjoyed chilled and are perfect for gifts and small celebratory moments.


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