Carlo Rossi Sweet Red 75cl


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Made from delicious Carliffonia grapes from the Central Valley of California, Carlo Rossi California is a fruity red wine with a floral hint and a crispy taste. Owned by E &J. Gallo, the brand began in 1962 as Red Mountain but was renamed Carlo Rossi in 1970.

Carlo Rossi Red wine is a well-balanced, light to medium-bodied wine that has flavours of bright red fruits and fresh floral notes with a nice crisp finish. Depending on the occasion, it’s just sweet enough to pair with your meal or enjoy with a dessert. The wine also goes well with red meat like beef and lamb. So, if you need to relax or unwind, a glass of Carlo Rossi Sweet Red Wine will do just fine.

Category: Red Wine

Country of Origin: California, America

ABV: 12%

Tasting Notes: Carlo Rossi Red is layered with vanilla, rich berry flavours, hints of bright red fruits and fresh floral notes.


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