bash Drinks For Bachelor’s Party

No matter how happy a person is to get married, their bachelor party is always something they look forward to. The celebration of the end of bachelorhood is typically a night of celebrating your lifestyle. For a high-spirited night, alcohol is a must-have. Just as you chose the alcohol for your wedding, pay attention to the choice of spirits for your bachelor party.

Also, a bachelor’s party allows you the chance to shun “people-pleasing” and do just what’s right for you, depending on the choice of location, either the beach, hotel, or strip club. Most grooms love this bash for being an all-night rager that promises wild fun and revelry.
Since bachelor’s parties are about letting it hang out, drink harder. See our list of appropriate drinks and cocktails for some party drink ideas!

Our Top 5 Drinks for a Bachelor’s Party

Drinks for bachelor's party

Whiskey And Scotch

Contrary to the image of bachelor parties shown in movies, they are not always out of control. For a man who loves his whiskey, a tasting party is a great way to celebrate the transition from bachelorhood to married life. All you need are a few bottles of good whiskey and single malts, a few shot glasses and whiskey tasting notes.

The attendees could all even get whiskey gifts to stick to the theme of the party. As you taste the different whiskeys, pen down notes on the aromas, flavours, taste, finish, etc. Tastings tend to get progressively more fun and can set the tone for an interesting night.


Rum is one of the most common spirits enjoyed at bachelor parties. Whether you are staying in and playing naughty board games or celebrating at your favourite pub, this a drink most people enjoy. The choice of rum starts with choosing between white and dark rum. Then there are all the different brands to pick from. When it comes to rum, the price is not always an indication of flavours and quality; so it is always safe to pick a crowd favourite.


If you’re having an afternoon bachelor party, vodka may be what you need. This is the base for a number of interesting cocktails. From a tangy bloody Mary to a citrusy Caipiroska, there are plenty of cocktails you can experiment with. The best part of these cocktails is that you can mix a large pitcher of your preferred cocktails and let everyone share. For takeaways, you can gift the guests vodka-cocktail gift sets.


Who says hard spirits are the only drink to enjoy at a bachelor party? Wines and champagnes are great choices too. For a sophisticated bachelor party, stock up on a few bottles of good wine along with wine glasses and a few appetizers. Cheese boards and fondue are great accompaniments to a glass of wine. You may also want to consider getting a few wine tags so that everyone’s drinks stay their own throughout the party.

A Little Bit of Everything

For a bachelor party with a difference, how about taking all your friends along for a cocktail-making session? You can ask everyone to bring along their favourite spirits. While one person brings along whiskey presents, another may bring rum or vodka. What you need to organize is a set of cocktail bitters and mixers.

Go beyond the usual soda and soft drinks and keep juices and herbs on your bar. You may even want to arrange for different types of glasses. While some cocktails require tall glasses, others need shorter, wide-mouthed glasses.

Whether you are having a stag party or a hen party, your bachelor party will be a celebration to remember. While alcohol is often essential for these celebrations, you must drink responsibly. If you are partying away from home, ensure that you have designated drivers or cabs hired to take all the partygoers back home. Alternatively, it may be a good idea to hire a large villa where everyone can stay together and celebrate the upcoming nuptials.

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