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Nigerians love alcoholic beverages, this is actually not news. Nigerians also love to drink and be merry whenever the need arises. Be it at parties or clubs, lounges, or even in our leisure time. The same amount of love goes to our non-alcoholic beverages, as they are both seen at these events in more than enough quantities. Some of these drinks are used for religious or even medical reasons.

Today, we are going to be talking about the six best non-alcoholic wines that Nigerians love to drink:

Let’s look at a few wines Nigerians love to drink

  • Chamdor Non-alcoholic Wine: This is arguably the most profitable non-alcoholic wine in Nigeria. Chamdor’s great taste is from freshly picked grapes. it’s a sweet and refreshing beverage that is considered a perfect match for all occasions. If you are looking out for a non-alcoholic wine to dine and merry with, this will be a great choice.
Chamdor non-alcoholic wine - non alcoholic wines Nigerians love to drink

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  • Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon: This is a red non-alcoholic wine that smells of cherries and plums. However, it is made from the best of freshly picked grapes that has its unique taste even after the alcohol has been removed. It possesses a ripe cassis and berry flavour and is served best when it is cold and with ice. This is also another non-alcoholic wine Nigerians love to drink and a great choice if you are looking out for one.
Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon Alcohol Free wine - Non alcoholic wine Nigerians love to drink

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  • Eva sparkling red wine: This specific wine is made from freshly picked fruits with no added sugar, preservative, or even sweetening agent. It is best served cold and it is a wine substitute for people who do not like alcohol. It is perfect for all types of occasions. This non-alcoholic wine is common among Nigerians.


  • Pure Heaven Sparkling red wine: This wine is made from the best mixtures of grapes, with no added ingredients to produces a unique taste like none of the other red wines. It is perfect for anniversaries and all other types of occasions too and can be served in all temperatures.


  • Veleta: Veleta is a wine made from the best blends of water, citric acid, and blended grapes. It is a very exotic non-alcoholic wine that has a rich and delicious sweetness that leaves a refreshing taste. It is perfect for birthdays celebration and many other types of events. You get to see this non-alcoholic wine in most stores and local shops in Nigeria.
  • Veleta - Non-alcoholic wine Nigerians love to drink. Alcohol free wineJ&W Premium wine: This wine is gotten from Spain as it has its own detectable taste among the others. It’s made from high-quality grapes and packed in a very elegant and expensive-looking bottle. It’s a perfect fit for all occasions. Another great choice of non-alcoholic wine.

Final words

Distell Nigeria launched a new product into the Nigerian market in 2022, the 4th Street Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine. This non-alcoholic sparkling wine has a perfect taste and high viscosity. The focus of Distell Nigeria is to position the new sparkling wine as the drink of choice for young, upbeat, urban, and social Nigerians looking to celebrate their way, drink anytime their way.” You can buy it here

There are many other non-alcoholic beverages that are not able to mention, examples are Eva sparkling sweet apple wine, Light live Rose, and Chardonnay. All of the drinks mentioned are best shared with friends and they can be used to celebrate friendship, exchange pleasantries, dine with a loved one, and other kinds of formalities.


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