The Macallan Harmony Collection Cacao

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Inspired by The Macallan’s deep-rooted connection to  nature for nearly 200 years, The Macallan Harmony Collection is a limited annual release series that explores the future packaging journey. ​

Each release unveils distinctive and innovative packaging that seeks to bring new life to organic by-products which have ended their usual course. ​It fuses innovative techniques with materials from the natural world at the end of their life to see them reborn with a renewed purpose.

Continuing The Macallan long-standing partnership with the Roca brothers, this is a collaboration with Jordi Roca to bring the worlds of chocolate and whisky to life in Casa Cacao, a hotel and chocolate factory in central Girona, Spain. The Macallan Whisky Maker Polly Logan took inspiration from her time at Casa Cacao to create single malts with indulgent chocolate notes.


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