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Do you know? Champagnes are sparkling wines that originated and were produced in the champagne region of France.

This production under the rules of appellation demands special practices, sourcing grapes exclusively from designated places within it. And also secondary fermentation of the wine in the bottle causes fermentation.

One of the interesting facts about Champagne is while all champagnes are sparkling wines, not all sparkling wines are champagnes.

According to research reports, Nigeria is the third biggest champagne market in Africa and the 32nd in the world. Although people find it surprising that Nigeria came third in the rankings because of the low income of over 80% of the population but the country has an extremely extravagant elite. The drink which is associated with luxury has been the go-to drink for celebrations at parties, weddings, and corporate events.

Over 20 brands of champagne are being sold in Nigeria today but there are only a few brands that have taken the spotlight and are widely consumed by Nigerians.

Best-selling Champagnes in Nigeria

  • Moet Chandon Ice Imperial Brut:

Best selling champagne in Nigeria - Moet & Chandon nectar imperial brutKnown and accepted as the most affordable and the most common Moet champagne in Nigeria, enticing with green apples and citrus fruit notes it also has an impressive depth and elegance.

  • Moet Nectar Imperial Rose:

Best selling champagnes in NIgeriaThis is unique champagne that boasts vibrant red colour with copper shades and with an intense and fragrant aroma. It’s definitely on the list of the best-selling champagnes in NIgeria. This champagne is a must for the refined palette of serious sparkling wine lovers and collectors.

Moët Nectar Imperial Rosé comes in two bottle variants: Moet Nectar Imperial Rose and Moet Nectar Imperial Rose Luminous.

  • Vueve Cliquot Brut:

Buy Veuve Clicquot Brut 70cl onlineOver the past seven years, Veuve Cliquot Brut has been among the top-selling champagne in Nigeria. It is well known for its favourite dry champagne renowned for crisp, smooth flavours, luxurious quality, and signature yellow label.

  • Dom Perignon:

Dom Perignon brut champagneThis champagne is regarded as one of the best-selling vintage champagne in Nigeria. This luxury champagne has to be Nigerians’ favourite and is widely enjoyed in clubs, high-class parties, and events.

In Nigeria, there are 2 popular variants of Dom Perignon Champagne which are Dom Perignon Vintage and Dom Perignon Luminous champagne.

  • Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne:

This is world-class luxurious champagne presented in an elegant, transparent bottle and a stylish box. This champagne is loved by both the young and old and is mostly enjoyed at nightclubs (by the younger Nigerians) and at high-class events (by the elderly influential Nigerians) This champagne can be kept for more than twenty years without losing its quality.


Being in a nation that loves celebrations and parties, Nigerians love to pop champagne to mark different occasions so the demand for champagne will continue to rise as the younger generations have embraced the culture and lifestyle.

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