Wholesale and Retail Alcoholic Drinks supplier in Lagos

Wholesale and Retail Alcoholic Drinks supplier in Lagos is your first step to stocking up your bar at home, or your store. However, you have to be sure that your products are bought from trusted and reputable brands. There are questions you need to answer yourself before you can decide if you will be going for the wholesale purchase or retail purchase. 

Things to know before purchasing your alcoholic drinks

1. Why do you want to get the drinks? Before you conclude on getting your alcoholic drinks in wholesale or retail, you need to answer the question which is the “why and what” of why you want to purchase the latter and not the former or vice versa. 

2. What are the categories you will need? So alcohols are in different categories and you can invest in all categories or stick to one of two of the categories or as much as you want. 

3. Choose a brand to get your products from. There are tons of online and offline stores where you can get your orders from. Barrels.Ng is one of many in Lagos.

Wholesale and Retail Alcoholic Drinks supplier in Lagos

What is Wholesale and Retail Alcoholic Drinks

Wholesale and Retail Alcoholic Drinks supplier in Lagos means different meanings to different brands in terms of quantity. 

Wholesale buyer 

Wholesale buyer is when a buyer buys alcoholic drinks in large quantities across all types and categories. For wholesalers, the larger the quantity the higher the discount, this is also to encourage wholesale buyers. 

A Retail buyer

A Retail buyer is one who buys in small quantities sometimes sticking to just one category or one type of alcoholic drink. 


With this much information, you can now decide after you must have answered all the questions as to why you want to either go for the retail or the wholesale buying. has the best package for both buyers. You can be rest assured of the best prices for either a wholesale buyer or a Retail buyer. All you have to do is contact and proceed to place an order, also there is delivery at your doorstep option. 

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