Fake alcoholic drinks now have a high rate of circulation in our society today according to research. It is bad enough that the drinks being fake are dangerous, now our health is also in danger, Counterfeit spirit drinks pose a serious health threat by providing consumers with inferior or even toxic products.  Adulterated alcoholic drinks are 100% dangerous to our health, apart from the damage they cause to the industry. 

The question we ask ourselves now is how can we address this and tackle this in our society and industry at large? First this has to start, we have to know what fake alcoholic drinks.


Fake alcoholic drinks are adulterated drinks that are mixed and put in the original label or mixed and low quality drinks in a failed label. Most of the time the fake drinks are being mixed together with the original ones in each case, and they will be sold most times at a ridiculous price. We also have the Health ministry talking about how this issue can be tackled and dealt with properly. 


Know your bottles 

When you get any of your wines or spirits, make sure to examine your bottles and content and get familiar with it. 

  1. Make sure it has a QR code or a Barcode
  2. Ensure it’s properly sealed
  3. Make sure the store is a trusted one
  4. Make sure you have proper knowledge of the drink

How to Identify fake alcoholic drinks

  1. Download a QR/Barcode code scanner on your phone – So your mobile phone doesn’t come with the automatic scanner for the type of QR/barcode on the bottle. Hence, you have to download the app either from your play store or app store.
  2. Scan the QR/Barcode – Once you pick up a drink you are allowed to scan the QR/Barcode before you can proceed to make payment. Have it in mind that if you’re not allowed to scan the QR/Barcode in the store
  3. Results will show the information of the particular drink scanned
  4. If the results are blank, without any information or the QR/Barcode doesn’t scan at all then you know that it is a fake drink.
 Fake Alcoholic Drinks
How to Identify fake alcoholic drinks

How To Avoid Buying Fake Alcoholic Drinks

  1. Make sure to get your drinks from authenticated stores – There are stores you are sure of that their drinks are directly from the source, and also clubs that you are sure of that don’t condone fake drinks. These are the types of store and places you should approach for your purchases.
  2. Recycle the bottles properly after consumption – Proper recycling of bottles, not only helps the rate of alcoholic drinks, it also helps with the ecosystem. In as much as you are helping to reduce fake products, you are also helping mother nature and saving our planets. 
  3. Tear off the label and QR/Barcode away from the bottles: This is very crucial and important. Once you open up your drink and you are done make sure the labels and QR/Barcode are tampered with, like tearing it off the bottle. This will make the bottle useless to the perpetrators. 
  4. Always Expose and say no to fake wines and spirits: This is one part that has to be carried out by all of us. Make sure anytime you come across fake drinks, you expose the perpetrators immediately. 

Join the campaign and say No to fake drinks.

#SayNoToFakeDrinks #RecycleBottles #StopFakeDrinks

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